Global Conscious Women

How to be of Conscious Service to the Planet and Humanity

Please join me on June 20 and 21, 2020 as a group of global women leaders create sacred space to focus on positive outcomes for the earth through these challenging times. During my session I’ll share Solutions Activism, both from my experience during the last decade of growing iGiveTrees and by sharing stories of those who have inspired me along the way with their unique Solutions to current challenges.

During these unprecedented times, many of us are experiencing loneliness, despair, injustice, anger and fear….

But in these times of darkness, many are also are called to hold the Light of what has not yet taken form, to BRING IT. Light is now shining upon what is being manipulated, unjust and inhumane. It’s up to us to BE that Light as we meditate, pray, speak up with strength about our beliefs, then move into action from love, peace and compassion.

Allow yourself to focus on a positive outcome for the world. We are creating the future as we emerge from this great PAUSE, so let’s make it beautiful for our children.

I’m pleased to join Marie Diamond as one of the Global Conscious Female leaders who will inspire you about how WE CAN create the change we wish to see. If you feel called to join us this Summer Solstice, you can get your ticket before June 16 for a 50% reduced fee: $48 for both days. After that the rate is $98 to participate in the Global Conscious Women Conference on Saturday 20th and Sunday 21st, 2020.

You can join us here:

Always Looking Forward,

Alana Lea