Fazenda Sertão

Fazenda Sertão is a family farm pioneering in Brazilian rainforest regeneration through syntropic agroforestry.  In September 2021, a fire was maliciously started on their land, burning through hectares of existing forest before being extinguished by the local community. We are currently fundraising for further community outreach and education to help more people to understand the value of living soil and forests to their own water system and food supply. 

Associated with the daily activity of agricultural production, Fazenda Sertão carries out open activities of a collaborative and educational nature. These are agroforestry joint efforts, eco-pedagogical visits and guided tours, where groups of visitors, students and farmers from the region are introduced to the techniques that make it possible to produce high quality food without the use of chemicals in the crop, increasing productivity, improving soil quality and transforming degraded spaces into forests rich in food.

In addition to seeking a varied production without the use of pesticides, the syntropic method proposes to make the balanced system, leaving the land enriched and protected. The idea is to have a series of elements and added values.

Little Elisa loves to join Mama Camila, and
we now welcome baby Lais to the team!

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